Bruce A Johnson

Company Owner

Bruce A Johnson is the company owner, retired Illinois State Police Master Sergeant with 25 years of dedicated service. Region Supervisor Crime Scene Services Command, Crime Scene Investigator 6 years, 400 Death Investigation Scenes, over 50 police officer involved shooting scenes. Bruce was the Director for two Auto Theft Task Forces for 6 years. Bruce has a bachelor’s degree in Corrections Criminal Justice from Chicago State University. He has co-authored the national eight (8) hour Vehicle Identification and Cloned Vehicles for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Bruce is an Illinois Certified Instructor, Certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer, and Certified Utah Concealed Carry Instructor.

    Terry Lemming

    Terry Lemming was a 24 1/2 year veteran of the Illinois State Police, retiring in December of 2013. Prior to retirement Mr. Lemming's rank was Lieutenant Colonel and he was in charge of field operations for the Illinois State Police. During his career he spent five years (5) as a sniper on the ISP SWAT Team. Terry has a Masters Degree from Western Illinois University and attended session 239 of the FBI National Academy. Terry Lemming was appointed the Chief of Police for the City of Lockport on January 1, 2014.

      Roy Sanji

      Roy Sanji served 27 years with the Illinois State Police. He has been an ISP Firearms Instructor since 1987. Roy served as a Tactical Response Team Operator (SWAT), Instructor, Team Leader and Special Operations Commander with 20 years experience teaching basic and advanced SWAT operator skills to local, county, state, and federal law enforcement personnel. Roy was a Captain for the ISP Executive Protection Unit and was the Region Commander for ISP Region 1. He attended the FBI NA class 225.

        Tony Lupo

        Tony Lupo is a dedicated 25 year veteran of the ISP currently serving as an operations LT. ISP range officer, certified Glock and AR 15 armorer. CQB and Explosive breaching certified. Tony is also a Utah Concealed Carry certified instructor and a certified  Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor. Tony has provided training to many police departments in the northern region in pistol, shotgun and rifle classes. Past member of ISP SWAT and EPU. Graduate of Lewis University Master's Degree Criminal Social Justice and FBI NA class of 247. Ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

          Chris Garibay

          Chris Garibay a Former Marine and 26 veteran of the Illinois State police, retiring in December 2011. Chris was with the ISP SWAT team for ten years. Duties included operator, sniper, trainer. Chris was also the distinct range supervisor for 9 years training thousands of officers in the use of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and tactics. Chris is a certified pistol, rifle, shotgun, less lethal, rapid deployment and Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor. He is also an AR-15 and Glock armorer.

            John Fowler

            John Fowler retired after 29 years  from Illinois State Police as a Criminal Intelligence Specialist. He has  a B.A. in Administration of Criminal Justice, is a registered firearms instructor with the state of Illinois, and an approved instructor for concealed carry with the Illinois State Police. He has also worked part time with a local police department as a patrol man with over 20 years as the Range Officer/Firearms Instructor.  He competes in IDPA(International Defensive Pistol Association) matches. He co-authored an article for Journal of the Association of Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners  entitled "The Effects of Velocity on Bullet Striations."  He also had an article published in the magazine Combat Handguns  concerning officer safety. He also possesses a Federal Firearms License(FFL).

              George Del Rio

              George Del Rio has been with the Illinois State Police for the past 13 years.  He has been a state certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for 12 years and has taught hundreds of law enforcement officers. He is a state certified S.W.A.T officer. He is a certified Instructor at the Illinois State Police Academy and is a certified Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor.

                Joseph E. Warunek Sr

                Joseph E. Warunek Sr. Crestwood P.D. has 15 Year's of dedicated service and has been retired since 2002.  During his dedicated time Joseph was a Patrol Officer, under Chief Cooling administration. He was promoted to investigator, structured the Cadet program, and worked with Dare Programs. He was promoted to Crestwood PD Range Safety Officer where he trained hundreds of hours as the Range Officer. Under Chief John Hefley administration, Joe was promoted to Sergeant. Joe is a certified Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor,  NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Instructor.