Illinois Concealed Carry

Illinois Concealed Carry Class Information


Part A and B of the Illinois Concealed Carry Course consists of 16 hours of training both in the classroom and on the range. Most classes are split into two 8 hour days. If you that have had prior military service training or other concealed carry or NRA courses you may not need the full 16 hours of training. You may be eligible for the 8 hour or 12 hour course. Proof of prior training must be provided. A valid FOID card is required to take the class. If you have any inquiries on which class you require, please feel free to contact us or visit the IL State Police website. If you require both classes, the cost is $250.

Part A:  Part A of the Illinois Concealed Carry Class is 8 hours long and will focus on the Basic Principles of shooting, handling a firearm, firearm safety, care, cleaning and maintenance. The cost of this part of the class is $125.

Part B:  This class is 8 hours long and will focus on Illinois Concealed Carry Law, Federal law, Use of Force and Firearms qualification. (Illinois law requires 70% or better with 30 rounds at distances of 5,7, and 10 yards) All students must provide eye and ear protection and pay range fees. Only factory ammunition will be used, no reloads allowed. The cost of this part of the class is $125.

The instructors who teach this class have been in law enforcement for over 25 years. They bring with them life experiences which will be shared with our students. Our instructors are certified to provide Illinois Concealed Carry Permits.

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